What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

058 150x150 What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia?

Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia is widely misunderstood, and causes the unnecessary destruction of thousands of wonderful felines.

What is Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia? Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia is also known as Feline Cerebral Hypoplasia, Feline Cerebellum Hypoplasia, Feline Cerebral Hypoplasia, Wobbly Cat Syndrome,  Spastic Cat Syndrome, Feline Cerebellar Ataxia, or just Feline CH. Feline CH is a tragically misunderstood affliction that causes the unnecessary destruction of tens of thousands of cats each year. To avoid confusion and redundancy, the rest of the pages on this site will reference “Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia” or CH.  The Feline Cerebellum Hypoplasia Community is here to educate about CH Cats, and prevent the needless destruction of these wonderful creatures. To get answers to your Frequently asked CH Cat Questions, visit CH Cat FAQs.

Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia is developed by kittens during gestation from mothers who are infected with Feline Panleukopenia, also known as Feline Distemper during pregnancy.

Cats with Cerebellum Hypoplasia have mild to severe balance and coordination problems that cause them to walk with a funny gait, and simply fall over for no apparent reason. Despite these afflictions, Cats with CH live long, pain-free and happy lives and seem to touch the hearts of everyone they meet.

The usual cause of Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia is the mother cat contracting Feline Panleukopenia, also known as Feline Distemper during pregnancy. Feline Distemper during gestation will usually result in cerebellum damage to the unborn kittens as the virus passes through the placental barrier from the mother cat to the fetus in the uterus. If distemper is contracted early in pregnancy, the kittens will likely be stillborn. The earlier that the mother cat contracts Panleukopaenia during pregnancy, the worse the symptoms will be for the kittens. It is essential that pregnant cats are treated carefully in order to prevent Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia can also be developed if the mother cat is given Distemper injections during pregnancy.

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